There are two words that, when spoken, have the most unfathomable power to completely change your life. Two words which, when they pass your lips, will be the cause of bringing absolute joy and happiness to you. Two words that will create miracles in your life. Two words that will wipe out negativity. Two words that will bring you abundance in all things. Two words which, when uttered and sincerely felt, will summon all the forces and vibrations in the Universe to move all things for you. The only thing standing between you, happiness, and the life of your dreams is two words... THANK YOU!
- from The Secret Daily Teachings by Rhonda Byrne

Thursday, February 9, 2012

So, what is this all about?

Put simply, this is about true, heart-felt, absolute GRATITUDE.

If you know about the Law of Attraction you know that the act of gratitude does not always come naturally. For many of us it takes daily practice. This blog will be my daily practice and record of how it is changing my life. I am excited to share with you the joys, the miracles and the wonderful changes that I expect will happen. To be sure, there will be ups and downs along this path that I will also share – it’s reality.

My life requires change. I have struggled with illness in varying degrees since 2008. Along my healing path I have explored many healing modalities including western medicine, energy therapy (in many different forms), homeopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, diet modification, herbal therapy, spiritual therapy and self-exploration. All of which have proved to be very valuable and helpful, western medicine NOT included. I found western medicine to be anything but helpful, providing no answers and prescribing therapies that just didn’t work. In fact, I believe that western medicine’s drug therapies have actually contributed to my illness.

Through self-exploration I also found that my state of mind has been a large contributor to my physical illness. The Law of Attraction is a long ago theory and practice. The book The Secret introduced the Law of Attraction to me and teaches us that “our thoughts create things” and “what we think about we bring about”. For a large part of my life my thoughts were consumed with fear, anxiety, self-doubt, even self-dislike. I was not even aware of these thoughts sometimes. Then with the development of illness another level of depression and negativity set in. So, after years of marinating in negativity my ground was fertile for illness.

There is still hope, however. The Law of Attraction also teaches us that we can completely turn around all of the ramifications of negativity and create complete health, wealth and joy. This is the change that I need. I am finally realizing that my thoughts are and have been plagued with negativity. It’s a subtle little voice that continues to burrow deep into every part of me. It’s time to change this frequency.

As I focus on anything and everything for which I am thankful I hope to see those dark, deep burrows filled with light and love. And in doing this I hope to see joy and health return to my life and the lives of those around me.

And so it is …

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